Like many banking products, the consolidation of loans is available to all individuals or households with several loans in repayment that can apply for a loan consolidation.

Indeed, the cost of many loans is often exorbitant and difficult to meet over time, especially in the case of unforeseen expenses. The grouping makes it possible to lengthen the duration of the loan which thus gathers all the loans but at the same time to lower considerably the monthly cost. Only one monthly payment remains. This purchasing power thus recovered can be beneficial, or useful for other projects, such as works.

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Loan consolidation is also for anyone who simply wants to lower their monthly repayment.

The evolution of loans, competition between banks, proposed interest rates, all this can renegotiate its loans, consolidate and see its monthly payments to reduce significantly.

The assets , strong of a regular and stable salary, can thus consider serenely this type of project, always with a view to unlocking purchasing power by reducing its repayments.

The liberal professions can find there the perfect way to develop their activity. Indeed, between the savings made and being able to consider a new project, we find ourselves with a truly adapted solution.

Finally, pensioners are also concerned by the solution of the purchase of loans. Indeed, the revenues do not evolve any more but that should not prevent to consider work or want to take advantage of a reduction of monthly repayment to regroup everything and thus to pay less each month.

In all cases, the banks’ requirements are relatively thin. It is enough to be able to justify an income, even modest, quite stable and fixed. When renegotiating contracts and possibly extending the term of the loan, the only check that will be made is the age of the borrower. Indeed, in the case of a consolidation, it is requested that the last monthly payment of the contract be settled before the 80 years of the holder of the loan.

With few constraints and many advantages, the loan pooling solution is often a valuable and accessible backup. An advisor will be able to target your needs and direct you to the most advantageous solution for you.