Some kids hate school, and there is not much a parent can change about that. A lot of classes like math and English seem boring and useless to them, so you should tell them that they are learning about stuff with real world application. When kids come home from school, they want to play and eat. They definitely do not want to do their homework. Some smart kids will do their homework first to get it out of the way, but most kids leave their homework until the last moment. So when you are assembling an after school snack, what are you going to give your child. Some parents just grab a bag of chips or some cookies, because that is easy. They are not considering the negative effects this might have on a child. This teaches kids that it is okay to eat unhealthily because it is convenient to eat junk food. I get that sometimes parents need a break, so they do not want to be bothered with cooking or preparing a healthy meal. I encourage parents to cook a healthy meal because it teaches kids that even though it takes a little more effort to make something healthy, it is worth it. Also if you give your kid too much junk food, it could have serious negative impacts on their health. The bigger issue is eating habits. Your kids will learn by example, and if you eat a lot of junk food, they certainly will too. Really simple after school snacks include fruits, like mangos, apples, oranges. They are delicious and healthy, with a lot of vitamins that help your child’s development. If they are more hungry, try cooking an egg omelet, those are always good, and it is packed with proteins. If they are not hungry try some milk. Find sources for healthy snacks, read more at TRE.