You have been repaying your mortgage for several years and somehow it is beginning to grow over your head? Are you really 100% sure that you will not overpay unnecessarily? What if we were to tell you that elsewhere would you get much more favorable terms, lower interest rates and a lower overall overpaid amount? Consolidate your mortgage as quickly as possible! Wait is not worth it! An assessment at

Why is consolidation beneficial?

“consolidation” refers to the act of repaying one loan with a new one . The new loan should be closed logically under more favorable conditions so that consolidation makes sense. Nowadays, this is a normal matter.

In addition, it is no exception that by consolidation you get a mortgage that has an interest rate lower than a few tenths of a percent, but a few percent! If you choose to consolidate your mortgage, you should seek the opportunity to get:

  • lower monthly payment
  • same mortgage maturity
  • lower interest rate.

Where can you consolidate your mortgage?

Although it is not so easy with a mortgage, because everyone does not offer its consolidation, but right now you can also consolidate with providers . This will give you a new interest rate of 1.9% , more favorable terms for repaying it, and you will not even have to prove your income . If the new mortgage payment on providers does not exceed the original payment of CZK 100, you do not prove your income when applying for consolidation.

Is consolidation suitable for me?

Is consolidation suitable for me?

Certainly! If you have a mortgage for more than 24 months, you are not satisfied with its terms and conditions, you would like to get more favorable terms and a lower total overpaid amount, then there is no waiting! providers accepts the initial estimate of 5 years and sets interest at only 1.9%.

You arranged a mortgage years ago, and now you’re having trouble paying it back? Then don’t wait for anything! We’ll process your offer and calculation almost immediately, we don’t charge you for it, and your family budget might look different next month. Wait is not worth it! It would be a great shame if you did not take less money each month. The change is worth it!

Get a non-binding calculation and find out what your new conditions would look like. Consolidation is a rescue when you can turn an existing badly selected mortgage into a profitable one!