Chemical products are now the thing of the past. From animal testing, artificial flavoring, to chemical formula, and many more that you can name – they’re gone. With people getting mindful about the harmful effects of chemical products usage, they all want more herbal, organic, and natural products. These are only some of the many reasons why using natural grooming products is a better choice for all people. This means that cosmetics are moving out to make way for the natural grooming products to come inside. Does this mean that all cosmetics and chemical grooming services & products are out?

In order to be fashion conscious and go ‘with the trends’ men and women all over the world try crazy things. From bird poo facials to having creepy crawlies over them it gets bizarre at times. If you don’t like this it does not mean that you must let go of fashion and fashion products. However, primitiveoutpost says taking to natural grooming goes a great way to keep you healthy, keeps the environment and ecology healthy, and makes you look great too! Instead of using a chemical facial many women all over the world are using fruit face packs. It gives great results. Take a look at some bad effects of chemical make – up.

Phthalates: This is found in skin lotions, nail art kits, perfumes, and hair products. It even causes many gyneac (female) related problems. Even usage of talcum powders is linked with ovarian cancer disease.

Allergens & Irritants: There are several cosmetics, deodorant sprays, hair lotions, gels, and make-up that causes allergy to many. These products contain irritants and nano particles that enter the body and harm it. Hence, it is necessary to switch over to natural grooming products for the benefits.