We get it, you want to be stylish. It’s not something that most people are really inexperienced about, but we’ve heard a surprising amount of people who don’t really know what sort of bags to take while going out or what sort of style trends are making the waves across the world right now. Here are our 10 recommendations for the 10 types of bags to take out with you.

  • Tote bag

A stylish, rectangular fake gucci bags cheap handbag with straps, great for any occasion while shopping or going out to eat with friends.

  • Shopping bag

These bags are reinforced to hold as much weight as possible, they help you look stylish and help you shop, you can even go to dinner with these.

  • Sling bag

These are small bags that go over one shoulder, perfect for a vacation where you need to access your phone to take as many photos as you want.

  • Clutch bag

These are to look stylish and for carrying only what you really need, great for a night out with the girls at the club!

  • Wallet

Small, sleek and can fit in other purses/bags, great for every day usage in a variety of contexts and to keep money and valuables safe.

  • Bowling bag

Traditionally used to carry bowling balls, you heard that right, bowling balls, wear it to the mall for a change.

  • Satchel Bag

Medium sized meant for long days out in the city, small and stylish

  • Quilted Bag

A stitched pattern combined with a diamond can be a perfect bag to take to a formal occasion

  • Minaudiere Bag

Classy French style bag with crystals and beads, great for a cocktail party

  • Generic Purse

Generic Purse to carry all of your things while looking quite classy at it, use it whenever and wherever you want.…