Testosterone is the major hormone in men for increasing the sex drive and also for raising the sperm production count. It also helps the muscle and bone strength and the hair growth. The level of testosterone will decrease when the men become aged and also those who are affected by the chronic illness. This can be changed and the testosterone can be increased by having some major foods on a regular basis naturally. Let us discuss those foods in this article and we can also some Additional Info from many websites.

  1. Tuna:

Tuna is the great food which has low calories and rich with vitamin D, which will automatically increase the testosterone level in men. This also makes the heart to work in a better way in the later age. Those who do not like to have tuna can go for an alternate supplement of vitamin D like fishes.

  1. Egg yolks:

As we all know, eggs are the great food rich in vitamin d. Though egg yolks have high cholesterol, it has vitamin d in it, so the testosterone can get increased easily. Those who have very low cholesterol in the body can take an egg on a daily basis without any hesitation.

  1. Shellfish:

Those who will take none vegetarian foods can take shellfish which will increase the vitamin d and also the testosterone.

  1. Beef:

Beef can be taken to boost the testosterone level in the body but as it contains fat, we should not take it regularly.

  1. Cereals:

Some fortified cereals have much vitamin d which will increase the testosterone level and libido in men.

  1. Low-fat milk:

As milk is full of fat and protein, the men can choose low-fat milk for increasing their level of the hormone testosterone and libido.

  1. Oysters:

Most of the men need zinc nutrients in their bodies to have a great sexual feel. Oysters are rich with zinc and so the men can have the oysters to boost up their hormone levels.