How To Tell Someone They Need To Lose Weight?

If anyone of your loved ones have recently gained weight and you want him or her to lose weight, you will have to convey it subtly without hurting. If you tell them straight away they will take it as a criticism and will not make an effort to realize that they have out on weight. Experts say that one has to get motivation from self rather than seeking from others. This helps them reach the goal amicably and quickly. According to psychiatrists, people of the current world are not ready to take negative feedback or criticism immediately. Anyways, without feedback or criticism one cannot fare well in any of their special endeavors.

If you feel that the person whom you wanted to shed some weight is struggling to find a way to lose weight, you can suggest him or her to join a weight loss program. Nutrisystem is a popular weight loss program which has plans for men, women, vegetarians and even people with type-2 diabetes. In the first month of joining Nutrisystem, you will be asked to follow Turbo 13 plan which was launched recently by Nutrisystem. The plan claims to offer weight loss up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month for women and 15 lbs and 7 inches for men. Medifast is another clinically proven weight loss program that delivers low calorie diet meals. Check to know more about these two diet program and their benefits.

If you are really concerned with your loved one’s weight, instead of telling them to lose weight you can join them for a long walk, prepare healthy meals for them, eliminate junk foods from the house and replace them with healthy options like fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to reward good behaviors instead of criticizing unpleasant behaviors. When they tell you their problems with losing weight try to lend a patient ear.  All these help them derive self motivation and head towards weight loss.…

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Super Simple Ways to Eliminate Toxins Stored in Your Fat Cells

Removing toxins from fat is not an easy task, fat is basically the bodies reservoir for toxic chemicals that you will ingest and take in during the day and as such it’s quite hard to clear in a short period of time. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to rid the body of toxins that have been stored up in the fat cells for so long. To do this, you’ll have to choose some simple cleansing mechanisms or methods that have been popularized over the years.

The first cleansing diet that has been popularized is the Juice cleanse, this involves not eating anything at all except for juices, this has been proven to work over and over again because the juice cleanse essentially flushes the toxins from the fat into urine, try using a juice cleanse every month or so to cleanse the body of it.

The second diet is the ketogenic diet, the ketogenic diet essentially forces you to eat far less carbs and more protein and fiber, this diet has been proven to be effective several times over by several dieticians and people trying out the diet. It helps reduce body fat which in turn helps reduce toxins stored within the fat itself because the fat is being burned.

You may also want to try out some supplements from a site like MOVOMOVO which can help you make the transition into a cleansing diet easier and faster, try out things like protein powder or the 5-day juicing cleanse and watch as those fat cells deplete and are cleansed of all the toxins that have been stored over the months or even years of unhealthy eating habits, have a fun time cleansing your body!…

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The Best Ways to Manage Technology for a Healthy Relationship

Technology appears to have become such an indelible part of our lives that it is now hard to go through a particular day without having recourse to a gadget. Pleasure and work are two key factors that have affected the way we use technology.  

The workzone is brought home and even on the go as we can now seamlessly complete official tasks on our smart devices, laptops and suchlike. Again a pleasure seeking individual will definitely have his/her fill by engaging/optimizing the devices that takes him/her into the digital world. We all, at one point or the other have found ourselves frolicking through different social media sites on – is it about updating Facebook status; posting skits on Instagram or following trends on twitter?

When we put all these under review, it is quite easy to see that technology is bringing us together and yet creating a divide in our home –what an ironic turn of events orchestrated by something we have all come to love and embrace. Imagine a world or home where two partners are nearby but yet far away from one another as they fixate on their respective gadgets. But this needn’t be the case – there’s got to be a means of balancing things up.

Maintaining a healthy relationship in a technologically-driven world

Furtherance to the discussion above, let’s now see how you can keep your relationship going in a blossoming manner even with the many devices all around you. So, briefly, I share these 2 tips:

Take some time off and set priorities right

The virtual world and the real one are two worlds apart: apart and should be treated as such – though there are times one flows into the other. You should know when to disconnect yourself from social media sites [or your gadgets] and give your family and/or spouse some quality time for fun in the ‘real world’. Going on a date does not happen on Facebook or Instagram, remember?

Celebrate your loved ones on social media

Although social media sites cannot take the place of the real life but you can find time to celebrate your loved ones there. For instance, you can do this by posting their pictures or sending good wishes on their special days via these platforms. The idea is to make them (your loved ones) a part of your virtual world without sacrificing the time you spend together.

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